Write SEO Articles

Writing SEO-optimized content is a critical skill in today's digital landscape, where visibility in search engine results can make or break the success of a website. Here are some key points to consider when creating such content:

1. Understand Your Audience:
- Before writing, know who your audience is and what they are searching for. Over at SEO Co-Pilot, we call this concept Query Intent. Knowing why your audience searched for your EMQ is crucial in writing articles for them.
- Use SEO Co-Pilot’s Article Builder to find your audience’s query intent and begin drafting your article in our editor.
2. Use your Keyword Spy Report as Basis:
- Your Keyword Spy report contains important keywords and phrases, scored according to how powerful they can be when used in your article. Always refer to your report when drafting your article.
- Article Builder allows you to toggle between the Editor and your Keyword Spy report.
3. Write Quality Helpful Content:
- Write valuable and informative content that addresses your audience's needs.
- Ensure your content is engaging, readable, and provides a good user experience.
- SEO Co-Pilot’s Article Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to draft helpful, engaging content in a matter of minutes. Just click on the Generate Article button.

What should you do after that? Add your personal flair. Article Builder uses proprietary AI technology. You get great content but – with so many AI content detectors out there – adding your personal touch will always help set your article apart.
4. Don’t Be Predictable:
- One of the indicators of AI content is predictability. A group of words might make perfect sense; it may add value to the article. However, if it is said in a predictable way – or said in ways that have been said by other online pages – then you run the risk of being flagged as predictable. Check your predictability score by running a quality test on your draft. Just click on the Quality dial.

Once the quality test is done, your readability and predictability scores are displayed.
- Are your scores in the red? Select lines within your draft, and then click on the Downward Arrow next to your Predictable score. Our system will suggest text edits to make your selected content less predictable. Click on the Replace button if you like the replacement text.
5. Watch Your Content Structure:
- We already conducted the tests you need so you know the optimal word count, heading structure and 1st paragraph word count for your EMQ. Just follow the suggested averages, which are indicated at the bottom right corner of your editor. These numbers are based on the top 10 ranking pages for your SERP.
6. Watch Your NLP Over-Optimization and HEEAT Scores
- Your HEEAT score is an indicator of your content’s relevance and helpfulness. Just make sure you stay equal or above your competitors.
- Your NLP Over-Optimization score is more crucial. Make sure you stay within our suggested range. Being over-optimized has always been frowned upon by Google and other search engines.
- Is your NLP score too high or too low? Select sentences within your content and then click on the upward or downward arrows. Our system will come up with suggested replacement text. If you like what you read, click on the Replace button.
- Getting to the optimal NLP score might not happen immediately. Just keep on selecting sentences and replacing them with our suggested content.
- Once you score within the ideal range, your article is ready for the world!
7. Share and Publish:
- SEO Co-Pilot empowers you to easily share and publish your content. Share your draft with your team. Once you’re ready, you can publish directly to your WordPress website or export as HTML, text or doc.